how to sync only one deck to iphone, rather than all

Hi, I've got about 10,000 cards, and the first ones have become redundant. I see that Anki has the option to filter the deck---so for example, is there a way to filter out the first 2000 cards? If so, then I'd have the old deck, then the newer, smaller deck. is there a way to stop the older, bigger deck from downloading on my iphone (to save space)? BTW, I remember long ago seeing some guy post he had 8,000 cards and I though that was a ridiculous amount. A little bit each day, and it comes quick. Esp. when reading German translation of Harry Potter... thanks.

* Originally posted by peter.

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  • Hi there,
    Instead of using the FILTER option, I strongly suggest you use the "Suspend" option instead.

    You can read more about suspended cards in the Anki Manual here:

    Basically, a suspended card "hides a card or all of the note’s cards from review until they are manually unsuspended (by clicking the suspend button in the browser). This is useful if you want to avoid reviewing the note for some time, but don’t want to delete it."

    In order to suspend your redundant cards, open up Anki on your computer, then click Browse to open up the Anki Browser. Then you can search for the deck which has those redundant cards by using the menu bar on the left. You can also search for the cards using the Search Bar at the top of the Browser.
    Once you find those cards you want to suspend, then click them to select them in the main area of the Browser. Then, you can click on the "Suspend" button at the top. This will suspend the selected cards, and will turn those cards yellow (to indicate that those cards are suspended).

    The Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Matthew Alberto.

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