Spanish letters on the keyboard

Does anyone know how to make special characters liKe "N - nyah" on the keyboard?

* Originally posted by jayduffie.

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  • It depends on whether you are using a mac or a windows keyboard (and what windows version). Google international keyboard support and in the first several entries you will find the Apple link and the Microsoft link that should tell you how to do it.
    If you use a windows machine, you add a language then change the keyboard to US International. you need ñ and á é í ó ú for Spanish (but the international keyboard has other characters as well).

    * Originally posted by James.
  • you can try this link also, (covers mac and windows)

    * Originally posted by James.

    forgot to insert the link!

    * Originally posted by James.
  • There's also Cryptic Codes, where you use the Alt.key 0###,
    adds the sign to the letter.

    * Originally posted by TPhall.

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