Doing more while waiting for IPA/German Pronun deck?

Hi, I want to thank you Gabe for inspiring me to pursue my dreams of being fluent in German and French. Your book has now become by new "bible" and I love it to absolute bits!!! However, I would like to share my current situation that the book does not include: I have recently graduated from a University in England in music and I am looking for normal jobs to support myself. Now in this situation, I have bags of time doing nothing but applying for new jobs. I have recently purchased Gabe's German pronunciation trainer and the materials needed in order for me to get started. I really really love your trainer, Gabe, but it is taking time for to learn everything to re-wire myself. My question is, when I finish using my IPA and German trainers for the day, what can I do throughout the day? I am scared that using the text book and moving into my first words might put me in a disadvantage position... Is there anything else I can do while I wait till I memorise my trainers? Thanks! James

* Originally posted by JamesFergus.

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  • There are plenty of things you can do in between sessions. The first thing I do when I'm done with my daily session is make more cards. There are plenty of words/phrases not included in the trainers that I like to learn, so I make a card out of them. A lot of times I will read or watch a movie in the target language (in my case, French). I won't understand everything, but whatever I don't understand, I make a card out of it. If I want to drill a specific verb tense, I'll go back to my grammar book. But instead of just doing the exercises and forgetting about them, I'll make cards out of them.
    Gabe talks about how infants learn the language because they are immersed in it 24hrs/day. While that is probably not possible in your target language, you can immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Then when you hear or learn something you want to make sure you retain -- make a card out of it. :)

    Hope that helps.

    * Originally posted by drummingtaco.
  • @James: Drummingtaco covered a lot of what I'd suggest - you're not going to hurt yourself by adding new cards, particularly if you're already in the middle of using the pronunciation trainer. If you're a beginner, I'd suggest you turn on the spelling tests for your early words so that they help reinforce what you're learning with the trainer. Also you can bump up the speed of the pronunciation trainer by playing around with the options. Instead of 28 cards per day (20 spelling/8 minimal pairs), you can double those numbers.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Many things can be done in addition to those already suggested.
    1. Make tags for common objects in your living space so you see them often.
    2. Make a list of a common verb's conjugation and post it someplace you'll see it everyday (bathroom mirror?). You can try to remember the conjugation and easily correct yourself. Change the verb once it has become very familiar.
    3. Have a conversation with your imaginary friend: ask questions in your foreign language, make comments about what you are doing, etc. If you don't know a specific word, look it up and add it to your anki deck. This is a very low stress method for beginning conversations.
    4. You might investigate Lexicarry, which has many pictures of social situations and examples of the words used in them. Many languages are available, including German

    * Originally posted by James.
  • @Gabe:

    Thanks so much for replying to me! You really really made my day by answering, so thank you!

    My spelling tests for my German trainer were already turned on when I first started using it, so they are helping me. But I am just finding it harder because like you said, I did not make these images. I am just really scared of making any cards with pronunciation if I can't say them myself, or would I learn quicker by doing that?

    I have one note Gabe, your "British" accent is absolutely spot on with your IPA deck! (But only a very few actually speak like that in England). I am making so much progress because of you!

    * Originally posted by JamesFergus.
  • @Drummingtaco:

    Thank you so much for your reply! I have had really bad flu recently so I could not reply soon, I am sorry for that.

    I am happy you suggesting adding more cards to my trainer. It is just I really want to crack on with my pronunciation. However, I will add more words since that's what the German Pronunciation teaches me, words. With phrases, I think I will do something separately. I am just scared of making new cards for the next step: my first 625 words. I am saying this because Gabe doesn't assume when using a trainer I could carry on learning more while doing so. I am sorry if I am wrong, I am not feeling too good at the moment. :(

    * Originally posted by JamesFergus.

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