Good results recording Skype?

What have you found to be a really good Skype recorder? Wondering if there is something new and improved before setting one up, and learning to use it. Thanks david s

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  • Hi davidset
    For recording audio I have been really impressed with MP3 Skype Recorder.
    A search brings up this website as the first entry - unsure if it's the official site

    It can't be possible to invent an easier to use recorder. No manual to read, nothing to 'set up'. Just installs in seconds. Press record -the conversation is saved as an MP3.
    what a relief! So straightforward. It's freeware, and unlike so many skype recorders it doesn't suddenly cut off at 5 or 10 minutes unless you upgrade.
    If it doesn't run on your platform there are a lot of articles out there detailing
    the 'top ten free skype recorders' etc. Lifehacker is a gold mine for articles like that - it has a massive readership, and the readers comments after an article have some very intelligent feedback from really experienced tech types.

    Lauren there's another tip for a future website upgrade - resources section with best free recorders for all platforms ;-)

    If there's a need to record the video component, VLC (the most popular and best, free, video playback software) has lots of features and here's an article explaining how to use it to record webcam amongst other things. Does it include audio? Not sure.

    * Originally posted by Meher Baba.
  • Thank You for your quick reply. I will look at both your ideas first thing in the morning.
    david s.

    * Originally posted by davidset.
  • I've been using Pear Note with Ecamm's Skype Call Recorder. Not cheap, but the pair has been really for taking notes during a skype lesson and then being able to click through those notes to jump through the lesson's audio.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks Gabe, I'll these out

    david s

    * Originally posted by davidset.

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