How to update user profile photo?

Hello, This is a first post. I really appreciate having this forum as I've already had a couple of quick answers to questions after just starting into French 1 week ago. I can't figure out how to add a photo to my profile. There doesn't seem to be any text or link to indicate this in teh user settings and yet I see other "participants" who have photos. Given the quthenticity I feel Gabriel displays in his book and resources, I feel inclined to want to present myself in the same manner instead of the usual face-less existance of the web that bothers me. Also, I have a suggestion in line with this theme: It may be worthwhile to have a post about simply navigating this forum, registering, etc. Just being able to create this post took me a while to figure out and I consider myself fairly tech-savy. Thanks for the help. Tim

* Originally posted by Tim Fleming.

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  • Hello drtimfleming,
    I believe this entire website will be rebuilt pretty soon and after that we are hoping a lot issues that have come up over the years will be resolved.

    In terms of changing the profile picture, that is a wordpress serviced handled by It's not very difficult to setup, but it may take a few hour to update globally and change your profile picture on this website.

    Hope this helps!

    * Originally posted by Leo_FF.
  • Got it. Thanks for the feedback and direction with Looking forward to the changes in the future.

    * Originally posted by Tim Fleming.
  • My pleasure!

    * Originally posted by Leo_FF.

    Make sure it's a good one! It will follow you everywhere

    * Originally posted by mowat27.

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