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I'd like to see pronunciation trainers for ancient (Attic) Greek and even classical / ecclesiastical (Church) Latin. Specifically looking for one for the ancient Greek with minimal pairs and spelling (just like your Russian pronunciation trainer). Do you have either in the development queue? I'd certainly be willing to pay more for this than your standard pronunciation trainer since it's much harder to get resources for these languages. That makes self-study of these languages even harder so well worth spending money on. Regards, Peter

* Originally posted by ipsofacto.

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  • Do resources on these even exist? I thought that was sort of a running joke in Monty Python Life of Brian that the Roman/Latin accent was intentionally weird because nobody knows what it actually sounded like.

    I mean even though I'm not really interested in learning either of those languages I do think it would be interesting to hear them if there were accurate representations of how it sounded then.

    * Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.
  • Slache wrote:

    We have really good theories. I use the Restored Classical pronunciation for Greek.

    ipsofacto, have you seen TGC lectures on Classical Latin and Greek? it's a good start.

    Yes I watched the first two of his lectures but his pronunciation is horrible. By that I mean his American English accent is so thick it's obvious that's not how it's pronounced. His overall teaching of pronunciation rules etc. is great but I think to get good ancient Greek pronunciation trainer the closest thing possible would have to be taught from a native modern Greek speaker.

    * Originally posted by ipsofacto.
  • I *believe* modern Greek is very different. I'm no expert though.

    * Originally posted by Slache.
  • Yes it's different like Italian is different from Latin but I'm talking about pronunciation. But in the modern world I'd supposed that modern greek is the closest thing to ancient greek so to get the closest possible pronunciation for a pronunciation trainer I'd say a native modern greek speaker is as good as we can get.

    * Originally posted by ipsofacto.

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