swampy Cree - finding resources very difficult

I am trying to learn swampy cree. I have the Anki Droid app and on Windows, and have begun trying to learn it but finding resources is very hard. most audio i can find is on youtube, and not sure how that will work . does anyone have suggestion on good place to find Cree language material?

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  • hello, creeliteracy.org is a good resource which you may already know about. unfortunately most of the books that I know are in the Y dialect. It would probably be a lot of extra work to switch the Y out and replace it with N .I am just beginning to try the fluent forever method using "Cree Language of the plains" and "Maci-nehiyawewin" books.I find that the Cree language groups on facebook are a good place to go and ask people questions if you have any. Best of luck to you!

    * Originally posted by kristy1ca.

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