Help Picking a Suitable German Grammar Book Please

Hello! Looking over the grammar book's this site's suggested, I'm asking anyone who's used them (or selected them to be used) for advice on which I should pick up with my background on the language. I took 3 years of German in high school (3 years ago), and I remember some of it (some of the basic verb conjugations, long past tense, etc.), but I'm iffy on the Accusative, Dative, and Genitive cases (which I think I can pick up fairly quickly once I review them) along with having forgotten the short past tense and the future tense altogether. I would assume that Rankin's probably wouldn't be ideal with the gaps in my knowledge, so it's more so a question of should I buy Rosenberg's beginner guide to ensure I have a good foundation even if I may be going over things I already know half the time, or if it'd be a better idea to grab Hammer's books for a better challenge. (or maybe Rankin's would be a good fit, what do I know).

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  • Hammer book is useful when your have a nice reading level and you find a grammar rule you don't understand and go look it up. It's a reference book, it would suck to learn from it., but it can be a blessing when you are confused about something in specific.

    Rosenberg's book is cheap and full of sentences and images that fit really well with the fluent forever methodology. If it end up being to easy you will only lose like $14. Unfortunately, I don't know any intermediate book that might be helpful for you.

    * Originally posted by efsalinas00.

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