Hello I am James! I have just come to this forum because I have been so impressed with the Audio Book for Fleunt-Forever. I currently live in Germany and have finally decided this year to learn the Language. I have used many different methods to learn the words and phrases like: Pimsleur, Duolingo (I am still using), Chatterbug (Free trial), Babal (free trail), 2 Different language classes (One free & One College both I dropped for data overload), and many German friends willing to talk to me but Understanding there are Dialects to include High German making this a monster I want to slay! I want to learn so many languages being a singer I loved singing and communicating in different Tongues and if i success at any process I want to give back to that process maybe be staff, tutor, or anything! My dream Goal is to Learn German, Spanish & French (so I can do the Saint James Way from my home to Spain), Hebrew (to impress my Good friend who is Rabbi and a co-worker/friend who has a tutor to me), Swahili (First time I ever heard African words that I knew was happening), Polish (friends and coworkers speak it), Italian (I am a singer and it is the language of Music), and Japanese (I am a Anime Nerd would love to not have subtitles)! Any more would be great for me but this is my start! I have been in the middle of Iron druid and they talk about making Headspace for language and culture This book has been a God send to me! Only Question is: Is there a simple Quickstart? I have been looking (I may make one) for one. This is my idea thought. An example for going though one Language! to use a reference, so it can be tailored to your chosen path. I find that so many different tongues are being sent at you it hard to see the clear process for me! I am still reading the book again, running podcast, and taking notes so I am grateful for anything. I am funding the App too! thank you hope to hear from anyone soon! James (German Student)

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  • Hi James,

    Thanks for reaching out. I think this link might help: https://fluent-forever.com/the-method/

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Best wishes,
    Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Hillary Jackson.

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