Trouble finding pictures for intermediate German words

I'm at roughly B1 level for learning German. I recently read FF and was very psyched to ditch Memrise and start making my own personal deck. However, I can't find suitable images for at least half of the words. In particular—I'll use the English equivalents here—verbs like establish, found (i.e. a company), turn out; and some similar but distinct adjectives like fast/quick/rapid don't turn up any good Google Images results, nor can I really think of how I'd represent those in picture form. What is everyone else doing for B1/B2 level vocab? Are there any good decks with pictures out there that I can at least use to fill in the gaps in mine?

* Originally posted by Ellsass.

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  • On the advice of Gabe and other more experienced Anki users, I've become quite loose in my choice of pictures, especially for more abstract words. I heed the advice that any picture is better than none, and I don't spend a lot of time looking for one that's just right. 

    For example, if I enter "establish" into Google Images today, the third pic that comes up is

    If I saw that without context, would I know it was trying to convey "establish"? No. It would be terrible for a picture-only card. But as a pic added to a cloze deletion of an example sentence, with a definition on the same card, it's one more helpful peg for the memory.


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