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I'm just in the process of finishing Gabriel's book and am eager to get started in learning Spanish (Spain). Following the books instructions to avoid learning wrong pronunciations, I would like to begin with pronunciation and minimal pair training. Unfortunately Gabriel's tools are not yet available to purchase for my chosen language. Can anybody provide any web sites or links to apps that can help me in this? Perhaps an app that I can speak phrases to and it checks against a native speaker? Thanks CHris

* Originally posted by Chris.

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  • There is an app family available for iOS (and maybe other OSes) called MosaLingua that will help you. It uses the same SRS principles as anki and does include sounds spoken by natives. It doesn't have minimal pairs in its repertoire, but it's still a great vocabulary memorization tool that can tide you over as you wait for the fluent-forever resources. And certainly you could keep using it beyond anyway.

    I believe each language/app is about 4.99.

    * Originally posted by jsb1138.
  • do a google search for par minimo ejemplos
    The images will give you some lists and you can get forvo to get the pronunciations.
    Writeexpress has a phonetic finder (and an ad in Spanish) but the dictionary is meant to find rhymes, is only in English and doesn't use IPA :-( So it's worthless unless you want to write bad poetry....

    * Originally posted by James.
  • Guys, how about if we join force in that task? I'm currently in the middle of collecting Spanish pares mínimos and it would be a waste for all of us to repeat the same process. Keep the thread rolling, please, and in a couple of days or hours I'll post here my Google Doc so we can share what we have, then get somebody to read it and make the deck together :)


    * Originally posted by krzemian.
  • I'm not allowed to edit my posts for some reason, thus I'm writing a follow up: please do let me know if any of you is willing to work on this, thus I can create like a Dropbox folder with all the resources I've gathered and we can work through it together.

    * Originally posted by krzemian.
  • I'm interested in Spanish minimal pairs, and I'd be willing to work on this.

    I came here looking for a list, so I have nothing to offer yet.

    * Originally posted by Lyle.
  • I'm interested in minimal pairs in Russian. As I understand it, the Russian Pronunciation Trainer is still under development.

    Does anyone have access to a Russian minimal pairs list? Please let me know. If not, I'll start working on putting one together.


    * Originally posted by ru_girl.
  • Hi ru_girl,

    I ended up creating my own anki deck from various sources, but wished I had gone to "Foreign Service Institute’s free FAST Russian course" that Gabriel recommends because I could have created the minimal list from there with less hassle. the audio is good and the pronunciation guide is better than the books I bought. I would look there if you decide to build your own.


    * Originally posted by masumitm.
  • Thanks Travvis!

    I will go there first. I will also create a new thread called "Russian Minimal Pair Resources" with any words I do find.

    Thanks again!


    * Originally posted by ru_girl.
  • Hi krzemian/Szymon, I'm about to start Spanish (again after a long absence).  I can't see your Spanish min pair doc link anywhere.  If you have a dropbox account, let me know if I can contribute.  Cheers!


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