Recommendations on books for learning Esperanto

Please post any resources, including books, that you may have on learning Esperanto!

* Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.

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  • You can download a classic book on Esperanto for kindles at Amazon. There are also audio versions and printed versions (at a multiplicity of prices). The kindle version is free.
    It's an old book (1907) but gets good reviews. Probably needs a pronunciation trainer ( but who would do it as a native? Are there any Polish polyglot pronouncers present?). fryer
    or just go to Amazon and search for Helen Fryer in books.

    For reflections on the idea of universal language, you can't do better than Umberto Eco's The Search for the Perfect Language (The Making of Europe)

    * Originally posted by James.
  • This site has lots of free resources, including Esperanto.

    * Originally posted by James.
  • It's not a book, but I enjoyed using They have a nifty online introduction to the language as well as courses.

    * Originally posted by John.
  • I enjoyed It's got a nifty introduction to the language as well as online courses.

    * Originally posted by John.
  • First go here:

    Free learning software:

    Free online web-based courses:

    This article helps a lot:

    * Originally posted by Eduardo.
  • Assimil does have a book, though the translations are in French: L'Esperanto Sans Peine.

    * Originally posted by george.
  • Join this Facebook group, it has a collection of many sources for learning Esperanto.

    * Originally posted by andrewgtreantos.
  • A quick course on and you will have learned the pronunciation in a week or two.
    If you use the course every day and find someone to talk with (perhaps at you can learn the language in a few months.
    The important thing is that you use it every day.
    Ten minutes every day is better than an hour once a week.

    * Originally posted by Esperantistino.

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