My fiancé and I have recently undertaken the adventure of learning Swahili together. She had the brilliant idea of using "Fluent Forever" as a spring board for learning the language, and thus, here I am. However, I am having a difficult time finding resources for the language. I invested in Spoken World's Swahili book and audio recordings. I have looked into both and, neither of which have very many options for pronunciation help. For the time being I have been cutting mp3 segments from the audio recordings I have from Spoken World, but it is very time consuming work. Does anyone else know of any good resources for learning Swahili? (I'm not entirely sure if the Spoken World book qualifies to be burned or not, though I believe it probably comes pretty close).

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  • Just an update on my adventure so far: I have found a few resources that I believe will be quite helpful. I stumbled across a first grade Kenyan textbook on the Kindle store, as well as a number of children's stories, all in Kiswahili. I thought it best then to search "kitabu cha mwanafunzi" to see if there were anymore textbooks in Kiswahili, and sure enough there are quite a few: cha mwanafunzi
    Although there is a bit more to wade through, searching the Kindle store for "Swahili edition" also brings up quite a few books in Kiswahili. Hopefully this can be of some help to some others who are learning the language as well.

    * Originally posted by hollandcody7.
  • Good evening hollandcody7,

    So cool to see someone else wanting to learn Swahili. My Wife and I just received our Swahili Phrasebook and we are watching Gabriel's course at Creative Live :)

    I have a question: Did you find Swahili minimal pairs ? If yes, where ?

    Tonight we are preparing our flashcards :)

    Sorry for my english, i speak french ;)

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  • Hey docummet,
    I haven't really looked for them, but I have come across a few similar sounds as I have worked on vocabulary:
    -"Mwanafunzi" and "wanafunzi" (the "m-" is pretty hard to hear)
    - "Ng'ombe" and "ngoma" (the "ng'" and "ng" are pronounced differently)
    - "Nguo" and "mguu"
    - I've also read that the "gh" (such as in "ghali") is pronounced very similarly to the French "r" (I would love to hear back from you to see if that is true).
    - I am working on hearing words in which vowels are together (for example, "chai" or "uelekeo"); while each vowel is pronounced, they are pretty difficult to pick out when next to each other in a word.
    I am so glad to see another couple learning Swahili on the forum! I hope this was of some help.

    * Originally posted by hollandcody7.
  • "”Mwanafunzi” and “wanafunzi” (the “m-” is pretty hard to hear)"

    Probably because i'm french but i really hear the M before Mwanafunzi...

    And you were right, the 'gh' is really like the R in french... sounds for me like rally (in french of course).

    Wow, we started to create our flashcards but on the forvo website, there is a lot of missing mp3 ! Do you know another website where we can find mp3 of pronounciation ?

    I ask for a lot, but i think you guys were there before us ;)

    Did you start to learn a long time ago ?

    We just start tonight creating our cards... I have 18 cards now...

    We have lessons March 14th for 5 months.... each saturday with a complete immersion day...


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  • Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of resources for pronunciation that I have found either. I have the Swahili course by Spoken World that includes a number of audio CDs and I have clipped bits from it to add to cards for the time being; however, the process is quite time consuming. I am hoping that some of my requests on and will be met. I have only been studying Swahili for nearly a month.
    One website that may be of some help at some point is Admittedly, the amount of information and number of word entries is overwhelming, but it is a pretty neat way to quickly find words in multiple languages. One final help that I just checked on is I think they just recently finished their Swahili course and may have a few free resources that may be helpful. I hope it going well for you two!

    * Originally posted by hollandcody7.
  • Hujambo! I am also learning Kiswhali and encountered some of the same problems you all did. Most of the time I didn't find sound recordings of forvo, but I find that the pronunciation for swahili is fairly simple so I don't even bother looking anymore. I am almost done with studying and learning the 625 words, but as I've been reading ahead to the next chapter where we create our first sentences I'm a bit confused. I think I've find a great grammar resource: If link doesn't work go to google and type: "teach yourself swahili However I'm not sure how to go about creating the cards for the "first sentences" section. Do I just choose sentences that are in the grammar I create mnemonics for noun classes, etc. If any of you could elucidate on any of these questions I would appreciate it.

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