Norwegian resources and minimal pairs?

I'm looking to begin learning Norwegian, and I want to start with minimal pairs but there are none on the website. Someone listed a few on reddit but I'm not sure how to test myself like that, and there must be more as well. Anyone got a good resource?

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  • They're definitely sometimes tricky to find, depending upon which language you're looking at. Sometimes I hit a goldmine in the FSI textbooks online:

    Or by perusing textbook excerpt on (usually they'd be in the first chapter, if they're there, or some textbooks like to have 'pronunciation' sections scattered through a book).

    Can you drop the link to the reddit thread here? Might be handy for others. To use whatever pairs are there, there's a guide at

    If you absolutely can't find pairs, then stick to using the 'Spelling Test' cards in the model deck for a longer period of time. Asking how to spell words, given a recording, is in many ways like minimal pair training, because you're trying to identify what you're hearing and write it down. So with enough spelling tests, you can work on your ears in a slightly different, slightly less efficient, but much more resource-friendly sort of way.

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  • Thanks very much!

    The link is here:

    * Originally posted by englishmuffin.
  • Hi guys,

    I've found this on RhinoSpike:


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  • I found this site looking for the 1000 words to add on to my Italian. The nice thing about this site, it has your first 1000 Norwegian words and the first 100 have audios. I know they’re not mp sets, but the audios and the list may be helpful.

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