I'm learning Dutch and I need a recommendation for a Dutch Grammar book. I asked Gabe and he suggested I throw it out to you folks for ideas.

* Originally posted by Roelof.

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  • Hi,

    It's been a while since this post. I'm here to reiterate the question to anyone that can help. I'm also starting to learn Dutch and I am looking for a good Dutch grammar book.

    * Originally posted by chronicweirdo.
  • Hi chronicweirdo (and everyone else!)
    I'm new here and have been using the FF method for a couple of months now to learn my first new language (Dutch). I've been using the Teach Yourself Dutch Grammar book and really like it. They explain the rules very simply and there are LOTS of sample sentences to feed into Anki.

    Hope this helps.

    * Originally posted by Roookie.
  • Thank you, Roookie.

    Just want to verify, which one of the following books are you using?




    (I have replied to this post the very next day, but it looks like my message was not registered, good thing I tried again)

    * Originally posted by chronicweirdo.
  • I have a recommendation for you. Jenneke Oosterhoff, Modern Dutch Grammar: A Practical Guide. It's part of an amazing series from Routledge. Part I is devoted to Structures, and Part II is devoted to Functions in Context. That means Part I has the basics of grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Part II actually teaches you how to use the language in context. Example sections include: "Asking for repetition, reformulation, and spelling," "Talking about the weather," "Asking for, granting, and denying permissions," and "Surprise, wonder, and curiosity." It's unbelievably useful. Examples abound.

    Hopelijk helpt dit jouw Nederlands te verbeteren.

    * Originally posted by alwayslearn.
  • I'm using the book in the first link. I think they're pretty much the same but the book in the second link is an updated version. The layout looks a bit different but I'm sure the grammar is still the same!

    I got a secondhand copy online from AbeBooks for a couple of quid (with free postage!).

    * Originally posted by Roookie.
  • Thank you both very much! I'll look into selecting one (or both books). Currently learning the 600 words, but I expect I'll move one to grammar in about a month.

    * Originally posted by chronicweirdo.

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