As far as I can see, the Assimil Korean is only available in a French version. So I've been gradually working through it, making notes, translating into English etc. It's worth it b/c they're a good set of dialogues for listening to practice comprehension. I'm not translating the whole book with all the notes on vocab and grammar, but breaking down each sentence to the relevant vocab and grammar parts. Let me know if you want a copy. I'm up to 29 of 70 lessons.

* Originally posted by rje.

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  • hmm I would appreciate a copy, email ife2nv@gmail dot com

    * Originally posted by esudil.
  • Could you please send me a copy to fulushou3(gmail).

    * Originally posted by fulushou3.
  • I would also like a copy email at aphasic.synesthesia@hotmail dot com

    * Originally posted by aphasyn.
  • Could I please have a copy too?

    Thank you!!!

    * Originally posted by willcouchman.
  • Could you please send me a copy to

    thank you.

  • Hey, I’m not sure if you still get messages to this post but I would also like the English translation of this system. My email is I would appreciate it.

  • Send it to me please! I'm working on Pimsleur right now.. and I couldn't work find Assimil Korean for English. It would be greatly appreciated! My email is

  • Hello and thank you. I also would like an English translation of the Assimil Korean course. My email is colinbrowne at hallym dot ac dot kr

    Thank you

  • Hi Rje would you please send me a version of the Assimil Korean for English? :) , I'm working on putting all the phrases from Pimsleur Japanese Levels 1-5 into Anki right now so for future reference stay tuned Japanese learners! lol

  • Hello, I am Korean learner too.Could you please send me a copy to :)

  • Hello RJE.. . can i have a copy too... Please and thank you.

  • helloo, would you please send me a copy of English translation of the Assimil Korean course. Thank you very much. (my email :

  • can you send me a copy of english translation please? my email is

  • I know it's a long shot but if somebody has the translation I would be super grateful if you could send it to


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  • If this is still available and you have the time, I would greatly appreciate a copy to  Assimil is so slow at producing new material.  You would think with the huge Korean wave, they would kinda get to this in English.  All the best my friend!


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