Hi can anyone recommend a good phrase book or other resources for Haitian Creole? Thank you

* Originally posted by Annieflorie.

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  • Ok nobody answered in 2 weeks so I guess no one else is trying to learning Haitian Creole. I have follow-up question then-: I don't see any explanation on shortcuts for IPA letters- to use on my macbook pro keyboard. THANKS ANYONE

    * Originally posted by Annieflorie.
  • I'm not learning Haitian Creole so wouldn't know specifically any good resources but a quick google search came up with this https://www.amazon.com/Haitian-Creole-Phrasebook-Expressions-Communicating for a phrase book

    Teach yourself are pretty good when it comes to a textbook and I think there is a free DLI course.

    It may be better to ask on larger forums like the language learning reddit, how-to-learn-any-language or forum.language-learners for specific resources.

    P.S. wasn't aware you could type IPA directly from your keyboard on mac. I used Wiktionary for my languages.

    * Originally posted by timmyturner93.

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