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I am using a teacher through Italki to help me with my language. I want to add the words she gives me to my anki cards. I remember reading somewhere on the site 2 websites that help with pronunciation via audio but can't find what was mentioned. Looking for a resource that offers audios with individual words in Arabic (what I am learning) that can be downloaded to add to Anki.

* Originally posted by transitionyourlife.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out! We've heard good things about this site:

    Does this help?

    Best wishes,
    Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Hillary Jackson.
  • I prefer

    That site not only has tons of pronunciations, it is very easy to request pronunciation from a native speaker if the word is not in their database.

    * Originally posted by GWKolb.
  • I would also add that it has multiple dialects of Arabic so you can easily choose to have a native of the specific dialect you want pronounce the word for you.

    * Originally posted by GWKolb.

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