Looking for a Minimal Pair list for Bahasa Indonesia

If anyone is working on Bahasa, or if anyone is a native speaker, I would love to get a list of minimal pairs to help me build a pronunciation trainer for this language. Thanks so much for your help!

* Originally posted by chrishiero.

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  • I'd love this as well!

  • Me too!

  • Likewise, would be great to have a list of minimal pairs for Bahasa Indonesia.

    BTW there is an existing list here but they don't look like minimal pairs to me -- please correct me if I'm wrong :)


  • Thanks for the link, Arthur. Yeah, they don't really look like minimal pairs to me either.

    Weirdly, I've been doing minimal pairs between Malay Arabic-derived Malay words and the Arabic words, since I've studied Arabic. I have some anki cards that use Malay minimal pairs (cari/jari, muda/mudah, meja-major). It may be similar enough to Indonesian to be helpful...

    Also, I'm thinking of creating an unofficial, unaffiliated FF method Facebook group for Southeast Asian languages so we can share resources like this more easily. Do let me know if you're interested in either!

  • Hi Siree thanks for reaching out, yes I'd be really interested in your Malay minimal pairs -- what's the best way to share?  I'll probably end up creating some additional Bahasa minimal pairs based on some textbooks I have too and happy to share.  The facebook group sounds like a good idea, happy to be a part of it and contribute as best I can :)

  • Hi Siree, wondering if you'd be willing to share your Malay Arabic-derived minimal pairs deck?


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