Arabic 625 Words as an Excel Sheet

Is it possible to get the Arabic 625 Words as an Excel or CSV sheet? I want to import the Arabic words from the Awesome Words PDF into Anki but when I paste the words get reversed/mirrored. I've tried posting direct into Anki, into a text editor and into Excel. Is there a solution? CSV is very easy to import to Anki so it would be ideal.

* Originally posted by pjharper.

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  • Hi PJ,

    Thank you for your message.
    We can send you the excel file of the word list, no problem, but we can not do it here.
    Will you please re send this request toL ?

    We will hook you up from there!


    * Originally posted by Aleks Lemezovic.
  • Thanks! I have replied to the email above.

    * Originally posted by pjharper.

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