I feel like I saw somewhere on this site a discussion with links & suggestions for finding film & TV in one's target language (particularly US movies & shows that would be familiar to US viewers, dubbed into the target language). But I'm having trouble finding it again. If such a thing exists, can someone point me to it? If not, can someone give me some tips on finding what I'm looking for? There's a brief discussion in the book (Chapter 6, in the Listening for Couch Potatoes section) but nothing specific about where to find such shows & movies. I've been looking on Netflix but it's challenging. The search function & categories (e.g. "Italian," "Italian movies," "Audio in Italian") is spotty; for example, I know that Sense8 has an Italian audio track but it doesn't show up when you select "Audio in Italian." The only reliable method I've found is to start each individual show and then go to the subtitles/audio button and look for an Italian (or whatever) audio track. Obviously that's kind of slow & labor-intensive. I'm definitely ready to start some intensive ear training and would love a wider range of options to choose from. I'm not a big TV or movie watcher (more of a reader) so finding something I'm familiar with and that I'd enjoy re-watching is challenging. Thanks for any help!

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