Do your images always agree with your noun's gender?

I'm working through my 625 in German. I just made a friend card - complete with a picture of a dear friend - and wondered if I ought to have figured out the girl version of Freund? And when I think about it more, my secretary card has a girl secretary but the boy version of the word. Is that weird?

* Originally posted by Holly.

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  • Holly,

    I'm new to this methodology. Revisiting French after many years. Then German next.

    I'd say yes, since you know there are 2 versions of a word. Depending on what you're using to translate your 625 words, you should have been given both options. I assume not all your friends are just female.

    There is no right or wrong (as far as I know). Yet, if you mix your male/female images and male/female a/an/the. I think you'll get yourself into a muddle as your card number grows.

    Your dear friend could be your 'personal connection'.

    * Originally posted by wilkies0106aw.
  • Right, the muddle is what I want to avoid. I've not yet learned to manage my nouns' gender, but I expect it's not too difficult. So maybe at this point it'd be better to switch out my chosen friend for a man friend until I can figure it out.

    Finding a man secretary image might be tricky, though...

    Thanks for thinking about it with me. Cheers!

    * Originally posted by Holly.
  • Holly,

    You could try one of these. I've done a quick german for male secretary - so it may not be perfect. Yet some images are here.ärin&client=firefox-a&hs=Ppj&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=nts&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=N2oFVJemPIGu0QX2_YGQBA&ved=0CC4QsAQ&biw=925&bih=475#channel=nts&q=männlicher Sekretär&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch

    sorry don't know how to hide the url under some text.

    For gender - add some mnemonic flash cards. In the book males are 'exploding', females are (tree branches - I think - book not to hand). Yet I'd go with the first image which comes to mind for you and get that image to interact with what you're wanting to remember.

    When I think of female, I think of dancing. Male - playing football, neuter I think of a newt.

    * Originally posted by wilkies0106aw.
  • @Holly: Usually you can avoid the muddle by searching in your target language. If you search for "Freundin", you're going to see pictures of female friends, and if you search for "Freund", they'll be male.

    And yeah, as wilkies was suggesting, gender mnemonics help a great deal. Mnemonic verbs tend to work best for that (exploding, dancing, playing football, shattering, popping like a balloon, ripping in half like paper, etc)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • This may be "cheating," but in addition to Mnemonics, I use colored images to help with German genders. My masculine noun images all have something red, female nouns are blue and neuter are white.

    The image for Kopf, z.b., is a solid red silhouette of a head. Yes, when I see the image side, I "know" it is "der", but I remember it. When I see the "Kopf" side, I really do know it is "der." I have blue churches and white animals, and they are all in my head now.

    Finding images is relatively easy. If I don't see something with my color on the first page of my image search in Google Images, I click on "clip art" to the left and try that. For "das" words, I click on the "line drawing" link. If these fail I simply type "blue church" in the tiny URL search link Gabe has provided.

    The Mnemonics strengthen the link - exploding red masculine nouns; water, wet, flowing blue feminine nouns, and frozen, crumbling, shattering white neuter nouns. Sometimes the color is hard to find - red lakes, z.b., - and for these the Mnemonics work alone.

    * Originally posted by jhengis.
  • Ooh, I like the color idea. I wish I'd started with that!

    My 625 cards are almost all done, but I can imagine making colored backgrounds or whatever for some of the ones I'm having trouble remembering the gender for.

    * Originally posted by Holly.
  • I hope my new comment to this old topic get some attention....

    I don't know how to program cards in Anki but could someone show me either 1) if this exists already or 2) how to do it or 3) a reference on how to do it....

    Learning German. I recall spelling for 90% of the words but what I really think is more valuable is creating a 3rd card for most vocab with a gender. I e -

    der Hund = Word (front), picture (back), "____ Hund" Gender (always front with gender on back) ? = 3 cards

    Basically adding a field for gender to my vocab <<< How!?!? can someone help???


    * Originally posted by nebomb.
  • Hi Ben!

    I recommend taking a look at the first two articles on this page

    and then using the model deck ( to add gender mnemonics/notes to your flashcards.

    The section titled "Gender of a Turnip" in chapter for of the Fluent Forever book goes into more depth on the subject. Please let me know if you have more questions after checking out the above resources!

    The Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Andrew Fluent Forever.

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