Help with 2nd stage - grammar cards?

Hi there, I read Fluent Forever and started learning German. I'm good with Anki (I use it for other things), so I was able to easily make hundreds of cards for words (picture words). That part worked very well for me. Then the time came to start with the grammar cards, and I got totally stuck. I got the German grammar book recommended by Fluent Forever (can't remember its name), but I never actually created the first grammar card: Something just didn't click for me. I read that chapter and re-read it several times, and I still can't make it work right. This is despite using Anki on a daily basis for years and having a personal deck with hundreds of cards for various topics. Is there anyone here who had success with creating grammar cards? Especially for German, but any language would be great. I'd appreciate any sort of help, but especially 1:1 with a fellow German learner who was able to move beyond this stage.

* Originally posted by ezuk.

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  • Hi,

    For learning grammar, find a simple German sentence and do a fill-in-the-blank card. I do not know any German, but I will do an example for the English sentence "I went to the store."

    In this sentence, from the 625 words, you know "I", "store", and "to go" (which is a form of went).

    Let's say you want to learn this new form of "to go".

    Front: I __ to the store. (image of store)

    Back: went

    and then, let's say you want to know "to" as in our sentence.

    Front: I went __ the store. (image of store)

    Back: to

    In your grammar book, there should be scores of sentences like this and you can literally do this same process for every word.

    In order to see how to actually create these cards, watch this video by Gabe:

    Good luck!

    * Originally posted by msmclaugh.
  • @msmclaugh: Nice explanation!

    @Ezuk: If that still doesn't click, give me a sentence from your grammar book that you'd like to learn, and let me know which chunks of that sentence contain new information that's not yet in your head (verb forms, word order, plural forms of nouns, new forms of the der/die/das or ein articles, etc) and I can give some concrete German examples based on it.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • In the Anki online manual, I came across the option for CLOZE DELETION which means you can have a sentence and omit a word, requiring you to fill in the blanks.
    @msmclaugh covered it well but this may be a helpful addition for some

    * Originally posted by Meher Baba.
  • What a great video above! I have been struggling to workout how to produce grammar flash cards for so long! I also read the chapters over and over without quite getting it. However, the vide tutorial (6) is fantastically clear. Phew! at last! Thank you Gabe.

    * Originally posted by DonPolo.

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