Hello! I have started a deck of Romanian simple word as well as verb flash cards. I would love to find someone familiar with the Fluent Forever methodology to take a glance at them and see if it looks as if I'm putting enough or too much information on them. For example, my comprehension card for nouns, using the example of the word 'ship' which is ambarcațiune in Romanian: ambarcațiune o ambarcațiune [giving the indefinite article, to tell me the gender] [pic of a ship] două ambarcație [the plural - 'two ships'] f [letter indicating the gender is 'feminin' in Romanian] [recording of word from forvo only for unfamiliar words] personal connection sentence in English I do not do pronunciation/spelling cards as I have that down for Romanian. I am trying to get through learning the first 625 words, and it's going slowly. In Romanian, it's important to know the plural form because the definite article and other forms follow from it. That's why I put both singular and plural on one card. Is that a good idea? For verbs, I'm doing: infinitive form of verb picture of what verb means Does anyone have any advice on how much info to include on the card when you are dealing with a language like Romanian? Many thanks! Jody

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  • Hi Jodylee

    For the comprehension cards, I'd want to just have the word, without context, on the front side of the card (so just ambarcațiune), and all of the rest of that data on the back sides of the cards.

    If you're trying to remember the plural form and the gender, I think you're going to want to develop some mnemonics for those 2 chunks of information. I suspect that Romanian plurals are somewhat complex, but not totally random, meaning that there are a few different ways of making those plurals (but not 500 different ways of making 500 plural nouns). So you may want to create mnemonics for those (so masculine i plural = melting, masculine i final consonant change (copil/copii or acrobat/acrobaţi) = exploding, masculine final vowel turns into i = bouncing up and down, feminine final vowel turns into "e" = catching on fire, feminine final vowel turns into "i" = shattering into tiny pieces, etc)

    Then whenever you test yourself for production OR comprehension, you need to produce the plural form too in order to count yourself as correct. (with the help of your mnemonics)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks, Gabe!

    So firstlearn the simple cards with the word on one side first (and context on the back), and then add plural and gender mnemonic cards? Or learn the basic word, gender and plural all at one time?

    Looking forward to trying mnemonics.

    Thanks again,

    * Originally posted by jodyleedrafta.
  • Hi Jody! Not sure why I didn't get your followup question but accidentally landed here when searching for romanian resources.

    You can go either way, though I'd only recommend going the second option (learning everything at once) if you really understand how the plurals and genders work. I've found that assigning mnemonics to things that I understand really poorly is possible, but they end up being really hard to remember (I tried assigning mnemonics to the various Japanese counters and had a pretty hard time until I started understanding how those counters worked and what they all meant)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Hi Jody - do you still have this deck available to share? Thanks!


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