Learning French, but am going to be in France before I feel "ready"

I've been following the FF methodology, and am enjoying it so far. I'm nearly through the word list, but I will going to France in a few weeks. Obviously having a 650ish word vocab and reasonable pronunciation is nice but it wont help me communicate much better than I would have been able to as someone with no French. My time over the next few weeks is also quite limited, so while the best way to go about it would probably to be to do a big push on my grammar, I don't think it's feasible right now. What's the best way to use my free time over the next few weeks? I'm not expecting to be able to hold a conversation in french (sadly), but it'd be nice to get by a bit better than the average visitor. And any ideas on using my time in France to improve my French? Or is it just "try speak in French and pay attention to people around you"? (I do have French friends who are enthusiastic about helping, albeit with poor teaching skills!)

* Originally posted by jonathan.pmines.

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  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your message.
    You pretty much hit the nail on the head: Pay attention and converse.
    The pronunciation trainer is created exactly for that: When you are in a situation of immersion in the language, to be able to distinguish the language and in that way learn it.
    Other than that, in such a short time what we can advise is: intensify your learning for now.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

    Best wishes,

    * Originally posted by Aleks Lemezovic.
  • Thanks Aleks. My pronunciation is still pretty shaky I worry (though I think I can generally hear what a french speaker is saying, if it's basic enough) - any advice on improving that? Or is it probably just going to be a trial by fire:)

    * Originally posted by jonathan.pmines.
  • Hi Jonathan! I came across this thread and I'm currently in a similar situation with my German and trip to Germany in a few months.  How was your trip? Was it as good or bad as you expected?  Do you feel like you picked up some useful practice being immersed?


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