A Quick Tip for Clearer Grammar Rules

With grammar cards, I sometimes forget which rule a particular card was supposed to teach me. There are a few things I thought of to counter this. Firstly, if you make a card using an example sentence from your grammar book, record the page number in the 'extra info' field. You can then easily refer back to the book to refresh your memory. Secondly (and more controversially!) I sometimes take this further by writing a 'cheat sheet' type of note in the 'extra info' field in my native language. I think this is permissible only because the 'extra info' field is not part of the main review process in your brain - it is an afterthought and you don't even have to look at it if you got the right answer. Some cards are very difficult to keep straight without a little note from me in English. For example in Spanish, "Lo haré dentro de una semana." and "Lo haré en una semana." both mean "I'll do it in a week." However, the first sentence means "I will do it in a week's time." and the second means "It will take me a week to do it." An other example: an English note is useful to remind me of the difference between aun and aún if I need it.

* Originally posted by Arwuh.

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