Guidance finding and choosing first flashcard sentences?

I've read the book. I've used the Italian Pronunciation Trainer. I've created picture/word cards for my 625 Italian words. I've learned all but a few of them. I want to start making/learning sentences, but, I'm stuck! I'm drowning in a sea of possibilities! I would like sentences that are relevant to my life as a 79 year old retiree. I would like sentences that contain: • new words • new word forms • new word orders but not too many. To start with, I want to avoid idioms. I could make up sentences, but I couldn't be confident that they were proper Italian. I am not yet ready to work with a tutor, so I need trustworthy sentence sources. I would like to proceed in some sort of grammatical order, learning more frequently encountered constructions before more complex ones. I can't be alone in my difficulties with transitioning my flashcards from words to sentences, but I have been struggling for more than a week to no avail. I could just choose any old sentence and start, but I would like to have some direction.

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  • UPDATE: I have found an excellent source and method for using it to provide me with a wide choice of sentences. I go to, select a verb that is important or interesting to me, and look at the examples. There are quite a few to choose from. Now that I am making cards with the updated note type, things are starting to go more smoothly. These sentences usually also give me additional card sets based on some of the other words they contain.
    I had overlooked this site because I wasn't interested in all those conjugation charts. I needed to scroll on beyond them to find the examples. Examples are given not only for the root verb form but for several declined forms.

    * Originally posted by mfseeker.
  • This might even be a better resource.  The examples are simple sentences:

  • Again, This time I added it as a link 

  • I'm sorry, the above was for Spanish.  Just use the dropdown for Italian.



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