[Japanese] Confusion about Pronunciation Trainer and Anki Mechanics

Hello! There are a few questions I have about general mechanics of learning via the pronunciation trainer: 1. When should I move on to the 625 list; after I have already learned all the new words in the pronunciation trainer or after all cards are MATURE? Or should I aim for a daily review count of < n? 2. Should I keep on reviewing these cards or should I shelf them after I start my word list? It feels like this is will become tedious (see boring) quickly. 3. I noticed at the tail end of the pronounciation trainer you have cards asking "What does this card mean?" This kind of betrays the methodology you are teaching in the book. I never went through the games mentioned in chapter 4 for internalizing these words, and it looks like it is dipping into the start of some of the words in the 625 word list.. Planet, universe.. Am I supposed to start creating cards in this list now? Because I can tell that because I did not create these cards I am having a ton of trouble learning the words themselves. 4. I've never been so mad at myself when I get these pitch accent cards incorrect. Is there any tips you can give or any particular video that might explain this a little more in depth? Or should I just keep working at it? Please note: I am working on the radical deck in parallel, as I have already tried tools like wanikani.. However, I have found that the FF method is 10 times better for learning radicals and kanji so far. Thank you for everything! Chris

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