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Hi! I wrote a couple of weeks ago and got a nice response. I was at a location where I was doing the 625 word list and I'm soon finished with it and will be starting with a tutor for sentences. I know this isn't the prescribed method but alas here I am. I've read the italki tutor guide over and over but I still have a hard time understanding exactly how to go about it. Let's say I want to make a sentence with a couple of words from my word list and that it will include some new words, verbs or whatever. Do I understand it correctly if I say that I should only create blanks for words I don't know? So if a sentence is completely new but made up of words I know (but that I don't know how to conjugate or form a sentence), should I then just have the full sentence there with no blanks and pictures? Then it's just about remembering it and the word order much like the word list? It feels like it's just a small thing that I'm missing or misunderstanding and if I can only break through that I'll have a winning recipe for sentence building and fluency. I've done so well with the word list with Anki, pictures and mnemonics techniques from the book and I'm really looking forward to finally beginning to create sentences. Thanks for any help!

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  • I've read and reread the book and the blog post and think I've gotten the hang of it a bit more! Will come back if I run into more trouble.

    * Originally posted by Leaf.

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