If making too many new cards, oldest ones are never seen

I'm still on the initial 625 word stage and whenever I have time, I've been making a whole bunch of new flashcards (on the order of maybe 40-50 words, or about 80-100 flashcards). Sometimes do this several days in a row, saving up for when I'm too busy to make new cards. However, it seems like Anki uses a LIFO (last in, first out) stack for new cards rather than a FIFO (first in, first out), so it seems like if I make too many extra cards and then continue to add new cards after that, I never get to the oldest new cards until I've completely exhausted my stash of new cards. Does anyone know if there's a way to change this, or something else I can do to get around this issue? I'd basically like Anki to give me new cards in order of the date of creation, showing the oldest new cards first, so that I don't make a card but then totally forget it when I finally see it weeks later.

* Originally posted by EmilyC.

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  • I came across some info on card ordering but it made me think that earlier cards would show up first. In any case you should be able to go to Browse and see the Due column for your deck. It shows the order the cards will be presented. Go to Edit->Select All then Edit->Reposition. There is also an option (More->Options) in the main Anki window that lets you choose between showing cards in order added or random order.

    * Originally posted by Andrea.

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