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Hello-- I'm trying to get Multi-Search to work for Tibetan. I have modified the URL section of the Applescript (see below). I'm going for seven tabs. Five of them worked flawlessly. Two of them (marked with !'s) do not. Can anyone tell me how to get the search term into the correct fields on these pages? Forvo has some Tibetan, but you must enter the Tibetan word itself in the script (Tibetan or Roman) in which it is entered into Forvo. Note that the Google Basic and Wiktionary pages are in English--I haven't found equivalents in Tibetan. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Stan property the_urls : {¬ "{{!VAR1}} &newwindow=1&hl=en&biw=890&bih=431&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sout=1&dpr=1.5&oq=food&gs_l=img.3..0l10.62166.62570.0.63539.", ¬ "{{!VAR1}}/#bo", ¬ ! "{{!VAR1}}", ¬ "{{!VAR1}}", ¬ ! "{{!VAR1}}", ¬ "{{!VAR1}}", ¬ "{{!VAR1}}"}

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  • It looks to me like the site does not encode the words you search for in the URL so this method is not going to work. You're just going to get dumped to the page saying "I couldn't find that". has the same problem. They don't encode the word you're searching for in the URL so the script has no way to pass the information to the website.

    * Originally posted by Hacksaw.
  • Hi StanHoffman! Sounds like you have progresed well on your own, with Tibetan.

    Do you happen to have Tibetan minimal pairs you can share with myself, or better yet the FF comunity? 

    Either audio or at least the written list? Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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