I saw a reference somewhere to there being sound files embedded in the 625 word list. I have the Spanish (LA) word list, but don't see any sound files. Am I (the non-tech person that I am) missing something here?

* Originally posted by Deb.

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  • I just went Quizlet instead. They have autogenerated Spanish audio, and you can simply click "import" and paste in your word lists. You'll get good suggestions for images (if you are fine with photos, and do not exclusively go for drawings like I do). The best thing about it is that it's all safe in the cloud, with Anki you have to keep track of local backups and if you've got Anki online you'll get emails from Anki that if you do sign in they'll delete everything.

    * Originally posted by Gelb91.
  • Hi Deb,

    When you downloaded the materials and unzipped the file, there should be a folder inside with the sound files.

    Hope that helps!

    Best wishes,

    Heather Tucker
    Assistant to Gabriel Wyner

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks, Gelb91. I switched to Quizlet and am back on track.

    * Originally posted by Deb.
  • Glad to be of help, Deb.

    I wonder, do you have any thoughts on the question I posted in the other thread? About what could be some good images for wide and narrow.

    Also Heather, if you've got suggestions I would appreciate it very much!

    I am exclusively going for drawings, and haven't found any clear and simple ones for the alley, road, river, street.

    * Originally posted by Gelb91.
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  • Gelb91 - ok, I finally saw that you're looking exclusively for drawings. I found these drawings of roads that I like a lot, and some of them might illustrate wide or narrow.
    https://www.google.com/search?q=drawings of narrow&tbm=isch

    * Originally posted by Deb.
  • I have just clicked my way through all of the 625 words now on Quizlet, for the first time, and at a relaxed pace it took me 36 minutes. This was with multiple choice.

    A repetition after a day, week, month and half year would only take some two hours, all in all. That's quite nice!

    A lot is remembered after four repetitions.

    When the time comes to learn new langauges, I am thinking about using Quizlet's auto-define feature. I am not sure what the shortcut is, but perhaps it was "CTRL Shift A" for each word.

    That would require that I'd find words that mean exactly the same as the image for the English word, though.

    * Originally posted by Gelb91.
  • Hi,
    I recently purchased The Most Awesome Word List Ever Seen, French version and have really enjoyed it. I have nonchalantly been plugging in the data to create my own deck. I found that the sound file for "rivière" is missing. Since I am not techie enough to get a sound file on my own, is there some way to get this file?

    * Originally posted by poudrbzork.

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