Accidentally edited Comprehension Card format

Oh bother... while editing a flashcard on Anki, I opened up "Cards..." and accidentally muddled up the Comprehension Card Front template. It's too late to undo my changes, because I made things worse by trying to fix! Now, every single one of my Comprehension cards shows "The front of this card is empty. Please run Tools>Empty Cards.", although the back still has the Forvo recording and my image. Any way I can restore my Comprehension Cards, without deleting/remaking these 500 words? Thanks so much! Caleigh

* Originally posted by caalders.

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  • Hi Caleigh,

    I recommend going here:
    and following the instructions to restore Anki to a previous state.

    Please feel free to follow up with more questions!

    The Fluent Forever Team
    Tech Support

    * Originally posted by Andrew Fluent Forever.
  • It worked!! Thank you.

    * Originally posted by caalders.

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