Anki sound suddenly stopped working on my PC

I've been using anki for almost a year and suddenly the sound stopped working. The only change I've recently made is downloading the new spanish pronunciation trainer that was emailed to me. Has anyone experienced this issue? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance! Ashton

* Originally posted by ashton.kacena.

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  • Did you get it fixed? I was able to update my Spanish trainer without problems.

    Does pressing R play the audio? In Deck Options there is a tick box for "Automatically play audio." Maybe that got unticked?

    * Originally posted by ElectronicShow.
  • I have this issue as well. My first card today played the audio, but then stopped on the next cards. I changed the audio playing options for the deck, restored the defaults and pressed "R" Nothing has worked.

    I'm using the Latin American Spanish pronunciation trainer downloaded about a week ago.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    * Originally posted by rubyshooter.
  • It was my P.C. fixed it up!

    * Originally posted by rubyshooter.

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