After Spanish LA trainer update, I get "Type answer: unknown field"

Hi All I use the my Spanish (Latin American) trainer with the optional spelling testing. After updating the trainer from version 2 to version 3.0, I now get an error on the "How do you spell this word?" cards. Underneath the picture there should be a field in which to type the word. Instead, there are the words "Type answer: unknown field Example word for that spelling/sound combination". When I press "B" to browse the deck, I can see for the "What's the spelling?" card type, the Front template is: How do you spell this word?
{{#Recording of the Word}}{{Recording of the Word}} {{/Recording of the Word}}

{{Picture of the example word}}
{{type:Example word for that spelling/sound combination}}
I can also see the Front Preview of the card which shows the spelling field perfectly. That is, the error doesn't show in the preview. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Or, can anyone suggest things that I should look at or try in order to better understand this issue? Cheers Andrew Mc

* Originally posted by AndrewMc.

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  • Hi All

    I gave up on solving this issue and deleted the deck and then re-imported it. I lost all of the history for those cards and have to start the learning process over again.

    Andrew Mc

    * Originally posted by AndrewMc.

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