Minimal Pairs - no way to select option 1 or 2

New to Anki. Just installed, downloaded the Spanish Pronunciation Trainer, and read the docs / watched the videos. After a few cards I get a minimal pair question, Do you hear "card A" or "card B" BUT there seems to be no way to select either card. Options along bottom are Edit / Show Answer More, and I am running on a MAC I missing something obvious?

* Originally posted by The_Burfords.

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  • Anki doesn't check your answers. Instead, it asks you, "Did you get this right?" When you are doing the minimal pair cards, decide which sound you hear. Then press "Show answer." Anki will flip the flashcard, showing you the answer. If you got it right, click "Good." If you got it wrong, click "Again." If this flashcard was really easy (maybe you are an intermediate Spanish student?), you can click Easy. But generally you will want to be using the two (or 3*) options on the left.

    The more you remember a card (by pressing "Hard" or "Good"), the less Anki will show it to you. I am also doing the Spanish Pronunciation Trainer and many of my cards have an interval of over 1 month. My total time with this trainer is about 10 minutes per day and shrinking, so I'm moving on to the word list now.

    *When you are reviewing cards, Anki will show you a new button, "Hard." This one is between "Again" and "Good," giving you a total of four buttons. If you got the answer right, but it was difficult for you to remember, you can press this one instead of "Good." Again, as a general rule, use the buttons on the left, using "Easy" only when something was super easy.

    * Originally posted by ElectronicShow.
  • Great, tha, now I understand!! thanks so much.

    * Originally posted by The_Burfords.

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