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Hi all,
I've just started the fluent forever book and am up to chapter 3. I'm very excited to learn Spanish and move to Spain in 6 weeks.

My question is, am I meant to read the entire book first and then go back and begin the exercises?
Or do I master the exercises as they appear in the book?

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  • I too am learning Spanish with the Fluent Forever book.

    The book has "Do this now" sections, so I assumed I was to stay on that chapter until I had completed it. However, I don't recommend this.

    My recommendation is to read the whole book once, let it ferment in your brain for a few days, and then reread the chapters as you are about to do them. Many answers to questions I had were answered in the next chapter or chapters.

    But you're on Chapter 3. It is by far the easiest chapter to start and complete in the book. All you need is to buy and do the pronunciation trainer. So for this reason, you might want to start the trainer today while you finish reading the book. After you learn pronunciation (about 3 weeks), reread chapter 4, then start it.

    Alternatively, there is a new app coming very soon (early next month I think?). If you preorder the app, they will email you the pronunciation trainer and word list in your language as a bonus for preordering (you have to email them to ask for it though).

    Or, you can just wait for the new app. We are so close to the app release that it might be a good idea to just wait and learn it with that from the start. I think very soon we will be getting a final release date on the app.

    Check this out https://help.fluent-forever.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004645292-I-heard-you-have-an-app-in-development-but-I-just-bought-your-other-materials

    However note that I think they are experiencing a delay with the app, but they haven't announced how long it will be.

    So... I suggest clicking "Help" at the bottom right and asking one of the Fluent Forever staff members which is better: to wait for the new app, or start today.

    Whatever you choose, do read the whole book through. It is amazing.


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