How long to do pronunciation cards before adding the vocabulary cards?

I've downloaded the hearing/pronunciation cards and have been doing them every day for about a week, and they are great. My question is, do I have to do them until I have mastered hearing/pronunciation at which point THEN I start adding vocabulary cards from the list of common words?

If I have to master the hearing/pronunciation first, how long should that take, and when will I know I have done it?


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  • This should answer your question:

    After I finished my trainer (at 28 cards per day), I waited a week before starting vocabulary. I was just doing my daily reviews. If I could go back, I wouldn't wait. Gabe was right when he said that cards get very boring when you aren't adding new ones.

    Also, the vocabulary words will improve your pronunciation even more. I am doing grammar right now, and my pronunciation is still improving. I can't wait to see how much more it will improve once I start reading and watching TV shows.


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