This is all a little overwhelming.

I'm not sure where to start.  Do I buy pronunciation trainers and word lists first?

I have unused credit with Fluent Forever.  Can I use that to purchase them?

Thank you for any help.


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  • We are so close to the release of the new app that it might be a good idea to just wait for it to be released. Especially if you can use that unused credit toward an extra free month or two with the app. Maybe email the Fluent Forever staff and ask them what they thing.

    But yeah, you always start with pronunciation first with this method.

  • I've had the same problem. The FF is so outdated. It discusses using Anki, but then all the suggested FF links on how to use anki are broken. Why? Because Gabriel wants to use his own app.  I've found Anki to be a confusing mess as a starter. Just the basic things--how to make a card with images, how to edit a card, etc, are hard to find in the anki app and the manual has the answers buried in loads of detail. Same with the book. FF advocates using flashcards, but doesn't describe what a card should look like until page 177! Gabriel violates his own principles in how the book is laid out. He dances around the concepts that should be embedded in a flashcard, but then doesn't describe the card or how to put it into practice. I don't mind paying for his app, but his book is outdated and a bit misleading.


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