Underwhelmed with Spanish Beta

I was looking forward to the Beta release after the underwhelming demo that allowed creation of a handful of cards.

I have to say-- becoming a little disillusioned with this app and a little tired of the constant updates regarding the apparent lack of real progress from a practical perspective. Sure, I bet there's a lot going on behind the scenes, but to a consumer the product matters. It's been over a year, and all there is to show in beginner spanish is 60 words and related images?

I would rather have nothing than have an app that essentially does nothing. It feels like the constant focus on support for additional languages is distracting your team from actually making real substantive progress on the app itself. Limited functionality isn't (hopefully) representative of your target. It would be far more beneficial from a marketing perspective to give someone all of a great thing than an assortment of mundacity. 

From a marketing perspective-- wouldn't you rather people could see a clear direction from the app in support for one complete language with all touted functionality? I would certainly be more likely to recommend this application if I knew it was worth recommending rather than wishing upon a star that it turns into something amazing...

Still looking forward to seeing where this goes, but am losing steam on my hopefullness...

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  • The number of words scale easily. It's basically just filling a database. So if you are missing only words, but are otherwise happy with the functionality, then I would say you are in a good spot. It's exactly what I would expect from a beta test.


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