Zencastr - Record Audio from Skype or Hangouts in high quality for free!

Hey everyone, I found an amazing source for recording conversations on Skype or Hangouts with an iTalki tutor!


It's called Zencastr and it's mostly aimed at people who do podcasting. But what I love about it is that it doesn't record audio of your tutor from your computer, it actually records directly from their microphone allowing clear audio, and you won't have to edit out your own voice. It's also possible to time stamp certain parts, and there is also a chat box which could be used as an area to take notes.


There's 3 versions, 2are for professionals and one is for "Hobbyists" which allows for 8 hours a month of free recording.


Once you finish recording the audio files will be automatically moved to dropbox as both an mp3 file and a wav file or they can be downloaded separately after the recording. There is also an option to have it mastered by Zencastr after you finish recording, but that will cost extra and I'm not entirely sure how that would work as I've never used it!


But yeah! Hope you will find it useful! Here's a youtube to how it works:


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  • I forgot to leave a link to Zencastr! Here: https://zencastr.com/ 

  • Thanks for sharing Alex, much appreciated. 




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