Hello. I have recently started reading the book as well as looking up some resources for learning German and I'm wondering, how much of a difference would it make for me to get a grammar book because I'm already registered in classes (which the book said could be a walking, talking grammar book) They're quite expensive not to mention that a hard copy isn't easy to find in my country. I'm sure they'll be adding quite some value to the learning process once bought but can they be fully replaced by classes for now or should I get one at some point regardless?

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  • Hi Ramez, 


    Thank you for your message. 

    This is all up to you. Grammar books, books in general, are simply a must for some people. But to learn the language you can hang with the classes and learn the grammar rules through them. But for some people having the book is simply something they need to have it visual. So it depends on what you find easier. We recommend them, but all depends on your personality. 



  • I would definitely try online classes.

  • I would definitely try online classes.


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