Is it alright for me to skip phase 1?

Hello. I have recently started reading the book. I consider myself to be on the advanced beginner side of things. I have already been taught the alphabet as well as the different sounds that letters and combinations of letters make. So I'm just wondering, how much value would following the book's methods systematically bring me? Phase 1 consists of ear training and pronunciation but would I really benefit a lot from it given that I'm quite advanced? I believe my accent is fine, so I don't see any reason to go through it other than to improve my listening a bit with minimal pairs and maybe patch up a few pronunciation holes here and there. Are there any other possible reasons that I'm missing or am I okay to skip to phase 2?

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  • Hello Ramez,

    Thank you for your message.

     It depends on what language you are doing and how you have been learning so far. 

    If your method up to now has been text only, I would definitely recommend starting from scratch. 

    If you have been learning with a lot of ear training already (living in a language speaking country, tutors, conversations etc.) than you might be good to go straight to vocab. 

    At the beginner level (upper beginner or lower beginner)  I would say: Do the training. 

    Best wishes,

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