Incorrect word pronunciation on Mandarin pronunciation trainer?

I'm not sure if this is the place to report this. I think I found an incorrect pronunciation on a card.


The card is yèzi (葉子), the IPA is written as [jɛ4tsɯ] but the actual pronunciation sounds to the ear more like [jɛ4sɯ]. I compared that to forvo:

So, what's up with that? Is it an error?


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  • Hey Ezequiel,

    I've been learning Mandarin Chinese too, and I've actually used that deck myself.

    I didn't realize the potential issue with that card. However, I will bring it up with Gabe, and we'll determine if we need it double-checked by a Chinese native speaker.

    We collect all bugs put forward, and then every 6 months we actually go through all of them in depth. The most recent release was version 3.0. So we will give you a direct response about this in the next release.


    Matthew Alberto

    The Fluent Forever Team

  • Thank you. As I said, there may be a rule here I'm not aware of... or even that I'm not listening at this correctly. Thank you for having a look at this


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