Why aren't articles (das, der, etc) included in my German vocabulary cards in the Fluent Forever app? Is it because we're supposed to use the method in the book Fluent Forever, where (I forget) certain articles should be visualized as shattering, etc?.  I've searched the FF site, but not found the answer.

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  • Hello Steve,

    Thank you for your message.

     Articles are not included indeed because of that reason. 1 word per vocabulary card. But we are looking into how we will visualize the genders for certain languages. We are not yet settled on the how, but we are looking into it. 

    Best wishes,

  • Could there not be an option to toggle on/off the articles?

    Either that or an animation of flames/ice/etc around the picture. Maybe the user cud choose from a list.


    But from someone who uses memory techniques I'm not sure how good this would be compared with visualising in your own head.

  • I do personally on my cards the differentiation by coloring them, red for feminine, blue for masculine and green for neutral. I do that also on the sentences I used to learn grammar on the different cases, so, for example: den, dem would be colored by their original gender and facillitate the learning of Akusativ, Dativ and Genitiv. That might be nice because the color is something very visual to remember but does not add extra words to the card

  • Alexandre how do assign colors to your app cards. Thanks

  • Gary, I do it in real paper cards. I would like to have it done on the app also.


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