Things I'd like to see in the next beta.

Here's what improvements/bug fixes I'd like to see. I've requested most of these by other means but worried they may have got lost in the many emails I've sent. Just thought I'd put them here also. One or two things which are definite bugs have not been fixed in the last couple of versions. So here goes.

1. No IPA on finished cards. IPA for me is so great and one of the things that attracted me to FF. Please add these to the cards, as together with the audio it's a perfect combo. It should always be on the back card.

2. Formatting. Please make the fonts a bit bigger, more centred etc. Neater.

3. Can you add back of the cards to the previews somehow? For a long time I found it very confusing looking at the previews. Or at least have a thorough explanation about how the cards are created and previewed. I thought there was a bug that the word order card only had one and not two cards. But I see now you couldn't have an 'opposite' card for this but as I thought the preview was front and back this is what I found confusing. This would be clearer if it was obvious that you can only preview the front of cards and not the front and back.

4. If you add a word from a sentence, you must add all the other words right away. They are not available later once that card has been created. Also you can not add different difficulties of the same word.

5. Sometimes the last card to be reviewed is blank and you are essentially stuck as you cannot progress.

6. I'd like to see a list of common words which are difficult to visualise. I think most will be covered in the sentences, but it would be good for 'pieces of mind'. A word such as the German 'welches' should come in a list of common words with its different forms in different sentences.

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  • Hi Daniel, 

    Thank you for your post. 

    Here is an overview on where we are at with your suggestions:

    1. IPA will be on review cards in the coming updates, they should have been there already, but a nasty bug was eating away at it before, which we were now able to squash. 

    2. Formatting is something we are actively looking into, thank you for your suggestion. 

    3. The developers have added this to review what the possibilities are, if any. If they decide this is something necessary/ possible we will update on it to everyone. 

    4. Later on in the app you would be able to add the sentences yourself, in the main part of the app it will be like that: You skip a word from a sentence, it will be gone from the creation screen. 

    5. This is an issue we are looking into and will be fixed in the coming updates. 

    6. You will later on be able to add these words to your sentence deck either added by you or taken from the database of the community. 


    I hope this helps. 

    Thank you for taking the time to write this up. 

    Best wishes, 



  • Hi.


    Thanks for the clarification. This all sounds promising.

    However, for number 4. Would it not make sense to have a section for "skipped" words so you can add them in later?

    And again, if you add an 'easy' sentence, at the moment there is no way to then add then 'medium' or 'hard' sentences. What happens when you've added a load of 'easy' sentences, then you want some more difficult examples of the same words? How could I then add these? Adding sentences from the community is fine, but I'd like to be able to do all the official ones first.






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