I can't find Gabriel's sources for a claim he makes in the book. Help?

In his book, Fluent Forever, (chapter 5,) Gabe says this:

It sounds amazing - until we discover that he doesn't cite his source. How did Gabe learn this? 

If he discovered it, a single paragraph won't do. We need more information - does Gabe have evidence, and can we take a look at it?

If someone else discovered it, I'd like to know who it was and where I can find their proof. 

Thanks in advance for helping to dig up these sources. :)





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  • Ahh, okay. I thought by your wording you were questioning if it was a true statement, which is pretty much is. But yes, if someone went into more depth than this it would be interesting to read.

  • I don't think you understand why I want his sources. My bad for not including them. 

    Sources can be used to give credibility to a claim; but I want them for more than that. I want to get deeper understanding on his idea. 

    I think it's pretty likely that Gabe took this idea from a scholar (E.g, Noam Chomsky); and if he did there's probably an academic article that goes into it in depth. 

  • Dude. I think you need to think about it... It's not really a discovery or anything that needs a citation, it's just obvious.

    He literally covers every combination of what you can do with a sentence, adding words (removing words I'd say is captured with this, i.e. not adding them in the first place), changing a word, or changing the order... What else could you possibly do?

    Change a word into a goat or a colour? He's just stating the obvious, it's not rocket science.

    Think about it. What else could you possibly do? Even in another language, it's not really possible to do anything else.


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