Ear Trainer Feedback - American vs British English as base.

I speak British English, I've just started doing the Spanish language ear training and I find myself effectively having to learn American English pronunciations. 
I don't say moss or peace anything like the Spanish (mas and pis), although the American pronunciation is very similar.
I feel the morro/moro pair on the other hand is 'better' as they're both foreign.
I'm not sure there is any good way around this, I don't know enough Spanish to know if there are near homophones which could be used.
I'm not far enough through the process yet to know what will happen later but feel having less dependency on the base language is 'better'.

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  • I found something similar when I first tried minimal pairs - some vowels sound rather different in British and American English (e.g. "law"). But there's a great variety in British English too. Even recording your own versions might move too far away from the ear training point to be helpful. Perhaps a standard BBC English might help - but that doesn't exist any more as it may have done a few decades ago. Even if we didn't all speak like that, we could often hear the differences form our everyday speech, which is what the exercise tries to do, so it might have some use.


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