using mnemonics for gender w/ Anki?

I'm going back to "game 3" - "The Mnemonic Imagery Game: How to Memorize Nonsensical Bits of Grammar"

I understand the example of:

masculine = exploding

feminine = burning

But when I'm learning w/ Anki, can I use this?   If I put a horse (masculine) on the front of the Anki card and use a photo, if I use a photo of an exploding horse, well then the fact that it is exploding gives away that it's masculine, without testing me.

So how do I implement the whole burning/shattering thing w/ Anki?

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  • My understanding is that the book doesn't suggest you put mnemonics on your cards. It just says to imagine an exploding horse. As time goes by, you will be able to remember... "Hmm... did the horse explode or burn? Oh, that's right! There are horse guts all over my bedroom walls. Horse is masculine."


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