AAARGGGHHH -- french verb tenses.. would this P.A.O. method work?

Howdy folks.

Doing well with vocab and sentences, but when it comes to verbs, I'm struggling.  I've downloaded a bunch of the "shared" anki cards, but for some reason they're not jiving with my brain.

So I made a verb "spreadsheet" which makes sense to me.   Now I want to turn them into Anki cards.

Here's a shot of the spreadsheet

So I've got about six "tenses", then a bunch of irregulars that follow a "group" like Gabe talked about in the P.A.O. chapter.   The one where he used Patrick Stewart to remember verbs with past tenses ending in -aught/ought.

So he showed us how to set up the mnemonic to link Patrick Stewart to past tense "aughts".  

Now, how do I link this with everything else?   For instance, say I want to make a card for the imperfect of ouvrir.    And I assign -"vrir" verbs William Shatner.   Do I have to assign a person to each tense?   So six people per "group"?   Then another six for "regular -verbs" another six for "regular ir verbs" and another six for...

and so on and so on.  

I don't think I know enough actors for that.......

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  • Hello, 

    I’ve sporadically checked the above Excel sheet. It contains many errors.

    Revise your verbs. From others, verb conjugation always follow this pattern: Je Tu Il Nous Vous Ils

    In addition, you need to correct the subjunctive for the “verbe brûler” conjugation, etc.

    My maternal language is French. In school and university, I attended in French. I currently work in a French university. 


  • Check out this post:

    Gabe goes into detail about memorizing verb conjugations and how to make mnemonic cards there.

  • Thank you for the tips!   And I'll work on my spreadsheet!

  • Furthermore, French subjunctive always carry “que”, such as: que j’aille, que tu ailles, etc.

    I suggest you buy Antidote software, which contains a corrector, dictionaries, and guides. If you buy the English edition, you can buy the French Module. Antidote is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, etc.

    I regurlaly work with Antidote.

  • Subjunctive for “choisir”: qu’il choisisse

  • Antidote mobile is $19 CAD.

  • You can abbreviate nous and vous to ns ans vs.


    Que je brûle

    Que tu brûles

    Qu’il brûle

    Que ns brûlions

    Que vs bruliez

    Qu’ils brûlent

  • Corrections:

    Passé composé... Nous avons (missing s) choisi, ils ont (missing t) choisi.

  • Verbe perdre, au présent: Je perds, tu perds, il perd, nous perdons, vous perdez, ils perdent

  • Verbe aller, au subjonctif:

    Que j’aille

    Que tu ailles

    Que tu aille

    Que nous allions

    Que vous alliez

    Qu’ils aillent

  • Correction: Nous avons (don't forget the s).

  • Richard, thank you so much for all of your help!


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